“Homeopathy and theatre”
Theory and theater have the same roots: intuition. The aim of Andreas Jung is to teach the art of homeopathic medicine in a vivid and entertaining way.

Theatre play „Hahnemann and Klockenbring“
The one-man play by Andreas Jung is based on accountable records from Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It portrays the therapy of the head of police in Hanover, Friedrich Arnold Klockenbring, who goes insane and seeks healing from the homoeopath Hahnemann. 1792 is the first time that Hahnemann applies his similarity principle to the treatment of a patient. Andreas Jung plays the parts of both Klockenbring and Hahnemann in a play that was written and directed by Michael Halstead and himself and to which he has dedicated years of his life.
The play can be booked in English!

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Newspaper) from the 10th of May 2010: “Andreas Jung, whose facial expressions were extremely expressive, intensively played the mad Klockenbring. He was hardly recognisable in the role of Hahnemann. Calm and introverted, as well as dignified, he depicts his patients medical history while being surrounded by the aura of the universal genius which the homoeopathic doctor is widely recognised and celebrated as.”

H&K-Süddeutsche Zeitung 21-05-2010