„Great Homeopaths of our time – Dr. Norbert Enders(DVD)
Homeopathy has, so many times, received a one-sided public image, and at times, coldheartedly criticized. However, around the globe, every day, there are homeopaths performing small and great miracles with the healing of their patients. For a long time now, we have wanted to speak with these silent working healing artists, to give a more natural presentation about them and the work they do… to the public.
This documentation, with Dr. Norbert Enders, is our first step. We met him in Nice, just one of the places where he works.
Here is the trailer for the film, which is available in German and English with subtitles as DVD at our Hahnemannshop.

„Hahnemanns Medicine“ (DVD)
In her film „Hahnemanns Medicine“, the Berlin filmmaker and camera prize-winner Elfi Mikesch not only places us in the time of the doctor Samuel Hahnemann, who developed homeopathy as a healing method 200 years ago and successfully applied it.

A documentary with scenic feature film elements, in which Andreas Jung embodies the doctor, father and researcher Samuel Hahnemann. A production of Medea Film in collaboration with Arte and ZDF.
language: German with English subtitles
duration: 78 minutes
bonus: Background info in 7 chapters

DVD at the price of 16,90 EUR. To order at the shop.DSC_8444


„Organon-MMX of healing art“ – Part 1: Sections 1-35 (DVD)
And the Hahnemann’s original sites, such as his beloved Torgauer Freihaus or the desk of the Parisian period in Köthen. Nature photographs and flowering medicinal plants in the garden of the Meissner Hahnemann Center complete this first part.
The film is a synthesis of authentic text and modern visual language. The most important primary source of homeopathy is made more accessible to practitioners and students as well as to patients and interested people.
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch Patrick Löb und adhoc Film Dresden.
language: only German – If you want to support the English version please get in contact with us!
duration: 70 minutes

DVD at the price of 9,90 EUR. To order at the shop.